Блок питания для кольцевых ламп FS 480 — FD 480 — FE 480 PRO

2500 RUB

1800 RUB

Напряжение: 220 Вольт / 2,5 Ампер
Выходная мощность: 15.5 Вольт/ 6 Ампер
Размеры: 35*140*60 мм
Вес: 200 гр


Вес брутто:

0.2 кг

Габариты упаковки:

3.5 × 14 × 6 cм


220 Вольт / 2,5 Ампер

Выходная мощность:

15.5 Вольт/ 6 Ампер


  • Адаптер

If you are the owner of ring LED lamps FS 480, FD 480 or FE 480 PRO, then the next purchase must necessarily be a power supply for the corresponding ring lamps. People who are versed in professional lighting know that each lamp has its own power supply unit. If the old power supply fails or becomes unusable over time, you can always buy a new one and forget about the problem.

Power supply for ring lamps FS 480; FD 480; FE 480 PRO weighs only 200 grams and has a fairly miniature case with dimensions of 35 * 140 * 60 mm. This makes it as convenient for transportation as the accessory does not take up much space and does not create any additional inconvenience. The output power is 15.5 Volts / 6 Amps, which is the most optimal performance for these models of ring lamps.

The combination of the above parameters makes this power supply model for the corresponding lamps. The main audience of buyers of this product are mainly photographers, makeup artists and representatives of other professions that require professional lighting of working premises. However, this does not mean buying a circular LED lamp with this power supply for a regular customer who has a corresponding need.

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